We looked at all packaging options when we started but found that aluminum cans worked best for our products. They could hold the nitrogen pressures better than glass or plastic. They don't shatter if you put them in your backpack, purse or suitcase like glass does. They weigh much less so shipping is cheaper and better for the environment, and they are EASY to recycle.

Our cans do NOT have widgets. Widgets are little plastic pieces that are inside some cans to help with the nitrogen blast when the can is opened. They add cost to the final product and make the can much harder to recycle with the plastic pieces inside.

They also take up beverage space! Look at other cans that are the same size as ours but with a widget. They have at least one full ounce less of beverage.

You can get the same beautiful nitrogen cascade by just shaking the can, open it slowly and pour hard or enjoy it straight from the can!

No! Our cans are now shelf-stable and can be stored at room temperature! They are best served cold or over ice so just toss them in the refrigerator before you want to enjoy them!

You can find the nutritional facts and ingredients list on each item's product page.

Yes!!! All of our can flavors are vegan/dairy free. Our lattes are made with delicious oatmilk so they aren't only vegan/dairy free, they are also gluten free and nut free!

Check out our STORE LOCATOR page to find a market or store near you. If you don't see it in your favorite local store yet, let the store manager know you want our cans. You can also just order it on this site and we'll ship it straight to you.


Not anymore! Now that our cans are shelf-stable, we can ship your orders with much better pricing, like FREE if your order is over $75. It's only $8 for shipping all smaller orders :)

We would highly recommend sending your packages to a location that someone is regularly at. Your "Shipment Tracker" will keep you updated as well. If you live in multi-unit housing, be sure to check with your neighbors, front lobby or mailbox. You also want to make sure nobody can grab your packages without you knowing.

Yes, all packages will arrive at room temperature. All of the products available on this site are shelf-stable and will be perfectly fine stored at room temperature even once you receive them.

At this time, orders are shipped Tuesdays-Thursdays. Most orders take 1-3 days to arrive with our Free Shipping option. Do you need your order sooner? Next Day Shipping is available for an additional cost. Email us at info@drinkbsweet.com so we can set it up.

With our Shipping Insurance, if your package gets lost, damaged or stolen, we will ship out a new order right away. We will just need some basic pictures/info/proof from you or the shipping company to get it going.


You only have to refrigerate them when you are almost ready to enjoy them! All of our Nitro Cans are shelf-stable, so you can store them for months anywhere either at room temperature or cold.

Our resealable bags are a great way to store them but if you do move it into another container, make sure it is in an opaque, food-safe, air-tight container. You also want to keep it out of humid areas.

That is our "Best By" date. Unlike an expiration date, this just tells you when our can would be at its peak flavor and quality. Our cans are still perfect to enjoy for at least another month past the date listed.